Global Solutions

Advances in transportation, communication and technology have made the world a smaller place.

The reality of implementing fewer number of different solutions in a global marketplace allows for the expansion of our proven products into new markets and provides the O.E.M. with more transparent and standardised Aftersales and Sales tools across its various territories. This makes department management and market comparison information easier to access and compare.

Where a translation may require a specific automotive perspective an administrator within the O.E.M. market can make the required change on a real time basis without the need to upload new translation files.

Our Aftersales and Sales solutions can be provided in any country specific format. Currently available in 20 countries and 14 languages our system defaults to the country location of the dealer login.

The specific formatting and placing of currency characters or date formats for example are automatically assigned based on the country ISO code.

Countries with multi-lingual requirements are catered for.

Customer Service

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